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You see an ad in the paper where a dealer guarantees $4,000 for your trade-in, no matter what the condition. Do you know what the most likely reason is?
1) He will keep the $4,000 factory rebate for himself or has at least $4,000 markup in the car he is selling you.
2) He has a magical way of giving you $4,000 for something that could be totally worthless.
Do you know what $0 Down on a lease means:
1) You don’t have to come up with any money to start the lease
2) Not much
Do you know if larger dealers really get volume discounts and can sell their cars cheaper.
1) True
2) False
Online websites can accurately and precisely tell you what your trade-in vehicle is worth.
1) True
2) False
"Aftersell" Is?
1) The paperwork that a salesman does after you leave
2) The items a dealer pressures you to buy extra on the car.
3) The discussions between the salesman and the manager behind your back.
A "Delivery Bump" Is?
1) A mechanical problem with your car when you take delivery
2) Damage done to your car when it is shipped by the manufacturer
3) A change from initial terms of your deal when you pick up your car
4) A braking problem from your vehicle not being prepped correctly
"All rebates applied" in a disclaimer means what?
1) There are factory rebates the dealer is offering to all customers and they are part of the price.
2) The dealer is hiding the real deal in order to appear more competitive than the other dealers.

Bob Hook Chevrolet's quiz is designed to better educate YOU on the car buying process. Learn how typical dealers try to get you to buy things you might not want or need, and what to look out for when you negotiate your next vehicle. Prize open to licensed drivers 18 and over. One per household.

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