Education Resources & Buyers Tools

At BoB Hook Chevrolet, we know many car and truck buyers often come to us after they got lured in by a deceptive ad, a deal that sounded to good to be true and wasn't or dealer tricks that were used to get them to unknowingly pay more. We don't operate that way! The founding principles of our dealership have remained the same for generations. We treat our customers with respect and offer them the very best no-nonsense Chevy deal they can get in the market.

For those that want to shop around, we have provided the tools in this section, to educate you on the tricks some dealers will use on you when you are ready to buy a vehicle. We have done this because we know, the more you know about the car business, the more you'll like Bob Hook Chevrolet!

Your choice today is simple, you can take the time to educate yourself on the dealer tricks in this section of the website and then be wary as you go car shopping or simply get a no-nonsense deal from Bob Hook Chevrolet today.